Important GTI Updates

2023-02-28-Important GTI Updates

⚠️ STC Lawyers have been diligently conmmunicating with GTI team and finally had gotton the confirmation, however due to the confidentiality we cannot disclose all the content. In summary:

1️⃣ GTI is still on the priority list (no longer the top priority);
2️⃣ GTI team is currently clearing the backlog of work which has resulted in significant delays in receiving an outcome. We speculate they will speed up the process in the middle of this year;
3️⃣ HK passport holders still have prioirty;
4️⃣ Previously endorsed cases still receive priority;
5️⃣ The GTI priority can be offered in limited situations for key stakeholders;
6️⃣ Health and Education sectors are the top priority for GTI and other skilled visas.

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