2024-25 Migration Program Planning Levels

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📢📢📢 2024-25 Migration Program Planning Levels
1. 2024-2025 focuses on Employer-Sponsored Program;
2. Ceiling decreased to 185,000, 70% will be allocated to the skilled stream;
3. GTI will be replaced by National Innovation Visa reduced: 4,000👨‍💻
1️⃣ Under National Innovation Visa:
– 4,000 for talent stream (old GTI)
– 1,000 for investment stream (old 188/888)
Likely steering away from previous model where investor can just operate a cafe/traditional business, will be more tech/critical sector focused.
2️⃣ Since the Global Talent Visa (GTI) is a liberal govt initiative, the new National Innovation Visa (talent stream) may be a re-brand of the previous GTI with similar criteria.
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